New Brunswick Stamp Stories 2017

Welcome to New Brunswick's Stamp Stories Competition - Round IV!

Stamp Stories is a provincial design contest that students in grades 4 to 9 can enter. Every student has been tasked with designing a stamp that they feel best portrays New Brunswick's past. On this site we will be showcasing some of these submissions, from all across the province. 

A stamp design can be anything that students want it to be -- as long as it has a New Brunswick History or heritage theme. It might be a local history building or landmark, an ancestor, landscape, animal, a favourite New Brunswick hero, or an important historical event-- anything that means something special to the individual.

Please take some time to view the student's designs-- and then vote for your favourite. Voting closes on May 22; and the top 7 entries will later be featured on the Heritage Branch web site in June.

These are the second  round of entries in Stamp Stories 2017. Please cast your vote using the poll on the right...

Anglophone North: 

Dungarvon Camp Site

The Dungarvon Whooper is a legend for New Brunswick. People still go to the nerve-chilling place. They say the camp is haunted by the cook of that place who was murdered.


French Fort Cove

I drew the covered bridge at French Fort Cove, I chose to draw the covered bridge because it is a popular tourist location in New Brunswick. I really like visiting French Fort Cove in the summertime with my family.


I Love New Brunswick

I drew this picture because New Brunswick is my home and always will be!

New Brunswick

In my stamp there is a circle and outside the circle there is the New Brunswick tartan pattern. But in the circle is a room with a black-capped chickadee in a bird cage. Then there is a table with a decorated vase. In the vase the provincial flower is in it, the purple violet. And that’s it.


   Max Aitken 

I drew the Canada flag, because the New Brunswick is in Canada. I drew the New Brunswick flag with a guy in it. The guy is supposed to be Max Aitken. Max Aitken because this is the name of my school, Max Aitken Academy.

Please place your vote on the right....

Looking forward to sharing more wonderful artwork with you - Next week!

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